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1975 Museum Piece
The Lovelace Theatre
Asstnt Director, Puppeteer (VIDEO)
1976 The Puppet Proposition
The Lovelace Theatre
Puppeteer, Technical Director
1984 Maria's Lovers
Cannon Films
1985 Day of the Dead
Laurel Day Productions
Head Carpenter (PHOTO)
1985 Rappin'
Cannon Films
Head Carpenter
1987 Lady Beware
Larry Mortorff, Producer
Assistant Special Effects (PHOTO)
1988 Monkey Shines
Charles Evans Productions
Carpenter (PHOTO)
1988 Alone in the Neon Jungle
CBS Television
Prop Construction
1989 No Place Like Home
NBC Television
Special Effects Props
1990 Due occhi diabolici
(Two Evil Eyes)
a.d.c. Productions
Special FX Props (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
1990 The Bride in Black
ABC Television
Prop Construction
1990 Night of the Living Dead
(remake) George Romero, Prodcr
Special Effects Props
1991 Bloodsucking Pharaohs in
- The Pieces Company
Special Props
1991 The 10-Million Dollar
USA Network
Special Effects Props
1992 Lorenzo's Oil
Kennedy-Miller Productions
Carpenter, Prop Construction (PHOTO)
1992 Hoffa
Twentieth Century Fox
Prop Construction
1993 The Dark Half
Dark Half Productions
Special Effects Props
1993 Blind Spot
RHI Entertainment
Special Effects Props
1994 A Promise Kept: The Oksana
Baiul Story
Bill Brademan, Producer
1994 Only You
Norman Jewison, Producer
1995 Sudden Death Howard Baldwin,
Moshe Diamant, Producers
Special Projects
1995 The Piano Lesson
Hallmark Hall of Fame
1995 Dr. Zoology, The Tamarin
McKeown Interarts
Animation Supervisor
1996 Diabolique
Gary Barber, Producer
2002 Milton's Eyes
Gregory Lehane, Producer
Sound Designer
2003 Puppet Conference 2003
Carnegie Museum of Art
Operator and Voice of "Art Cat"
2004 Lift
Jeff Garton, Hughes Dalton, Producers
Mechanical FX (PHOTOS)
2009 Justified - Fire in the Hole
Woodridge Productions
2010 Unstoppable
Twentieth Century Fox
Prop Construction, Scenic Carpenter
2011 Abduction
ABX Productions
2011 I Am Number Four
Dreamworks Productions
Special Effects Technician
2011 The Dark Knight Rises
Subconscious Productions
2011 Jack Reacher
Paramount Pictures
Special Effects Technician
2012 Supah Ninjas, Season 2
Empire City Productions (Nickelodeon)
Electronics - Multiple departments
2015 The Last Witch Hunter
Lionsgate Films
2015 Untitled Will Smith Project
Real Heaven Productions
2015 Let It Snow
CBS Films, Inc.
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